On Your First Visit

Today we will start the discovery process with you to determine the source of your health concerns.

Congratulations on your first steps to health!

Below you find what you can expect on your first visit.

This will include:
  1. Discovery - health dangers questionnaire.
  2. A disease causation analysis.
Next we will go through
  1. A detailed health history with one of our exam specialists.
  2. A critical block analysis: a thorough spinal examination by your doctor, to determine any abnormal alignment and motion patterns, and how this is detrimentally affecting the central and peripheral nerve systems and organ function (subluxation).
    Any further imaging studies that may be necessary such as X-Rays.

Download the Vertical Health Chirpractic New Patient Form and bring to your first visit.

New Patient Form

After the examination, your doctor will determine if you have critical blocks to healing caused by abnormal alignment or abnormal motion of your spine (subluxations) and if you are a good candidate for reconstructive or structural Chiropractic care. Your doctor will then arrange for your next visit, which is the Doctors Report. The purpose of the Doctor’s Report is to review with you the findings from your consultation and examination.

If you have any questions along the way, please contact Vertical Health today.


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