Stand Tall For Better Health

5 Keys for Improving Posture.

Un-round the Shoulders

Bring those shoulders back

Rounded shoulders restricts the expansion of the rib cage & decreases lung volume not allowing for a complete breath. Rounded shoulders also causes excess strain & stress to the neck & upper back leading to headaches as well as neck & back pain. A simple solution is to squeeze the shoulder blades together to bring the shoulders back.

Suck it In

Allowing the abdomen to be lax decreases your body’s ability to hold your upper body straight & can cause increased fatigue. Drawing your navel to your spine activates the core improving posture and holding your body upright.

Sit Up

Find the right angles

Slouching while sitting at the computer increases neck & back strain leading to herniated discs, fatigue & chronic neck & back pain. The feet should be flat on the floor and shoulder width apart. Knees should be bent 90 degrees over the ankles.

Take a Break

Get up at least once per hour to increasecirculation and reduce excessive spinal stress. Taking deep breaths increases energy while also improving posture.

Text Neck

Looking down at your phone can cause your head to weigh up to 60lbs. instead of the average 10-12 lbs. The increased stress can lead to disc herniation, headaches & numbness, tingling into the hands & arms. The average person spends 2-4 hours a day looking at their phone. This adds an extra 700-1400 hours of extra, unneeded spinal stress per year.

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