What happens during a chiropractic adjustment

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What’s Really Going on Here?

I often get asked “what happens during the chiropractic adjustment?” The majority of people think of chiropractors as ‘bone movers’, I can definitely understand why they think that. The most obvious reason is that we use the bones as our levers to deliver the adjustment. The second reason, and most important, is that we as chiropractors have done a poor job telling people what it is that we do.

Throughout the next few articles, we are going to dive into what chiropractic is and what happens during an adjustment. As your chiropractor in Fargo, ND, I think you will be amazed. I am! Before we get deep into the science of chiropractic, we need to get some basics out of the way.

Overview of Chiropractic Care

Your nervous system affects every single cell, tissue and organ.

The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord and 33 pairs of spinal nerves. This is the main control system of your entire body. In order for you to breathe, your heart to beat or even to read these words, information needs to be flowing from your brain, down your spinal cord and out the nerves.

Protecting this amazing control center is your skull and spine.

The spine is composed of 24 individual bones called vertebrae. Each one moves independently and together provide for the global range of motion of the spine. When your spine is moving properly and aligned there is little to no stress placed upon the spinal column or nervous system. Your body functions optimally.

However, when there is lack of range of motion and a shift in vertebrae (what we call subluxations) the spinal mechanics are altered causing spinal degeneration and increased tone on the nervous system.

In normal terms, your nervous system is getting stressed out and unable to function properly. I liken it to walking around with your dimmer switch on. You still function but not as well as you could be. Due to poor brain/body connection the body starts to break down and disease ensues.

This might be a lot of information, but take heart. We will continue to break it down. In the meantime, how is your spine?

Regular Chiropractic Care

The importance of getting checked cannot be over stated. I’ve often said that if our spines were visible from the outside we would take better care of them. You only get ONE so make sure you take care of it.  Contact Fargo based chiropractor, Vertical Health Chiropractic to schedule an appointment. Call 701.356.0080 or contact us to schedule your consultation.


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