The Hidden Effects of Poor Spinal Alignment

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Hidden Effects of Poor Spinal Alignment

At Vertical Health Chiropractic we regularly talk about “text neck” and its effect on the spine and overall health. When the cervical spine moves out of alignment, the spinal cord will be stretched causing increased sympathetic tone and decreased nerve transmission. When this happens, you typically do not have symptoms present. You’ll look good on the outside but will have abnormal healing and function on the inside. 

A Deeper Look

To further this concept, let’s look at some of the leading causes of death; heart disease and cancer. Unfortunately, what’s the most common symptoms of heart disease? Sudden cardiac arrest. Secondarily, cancer can be present for decades before it manifests as a symptom. So who wants to wait for symptoms? There are rarely signs of the deeper issue with both of these diseases.

Please understand, that I’m not saying you’re going to instantly die if your neck or spine is out of alignment. What this is illustrating is our need to change how we view health. We aren’t healthy just because we “feel” good. Good posture and proper spinal care is key to building an overall high quality of health.

Research on Spinal Posture

A 2014 study in the Surgical Technology International Journal found that abnormal spinal posture in the head/upper back lead to an imbalance of hormones. The repetitive poor posture caused lower testosterone levels, reduced serotonin and increased cortisol. Why? Because your body is fighting against itself.  If you would like to dig deeper into this study, you can read a full article discussing this research.

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Regular Chiropractic Care

The importance of getting checked cannot be over stated. I’ve often said that if our spines were visible from the outside we would take better care of them. You only get ONE so make sure you take care of it.  Contact Fargo based chiropractor, Vertical Health Chiropractic to schedule an appointment. Call 701.356.0080 or contact us to schedule your consultation.


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