Stand Tall For Better Health: Part 4

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Achieve Optimal Spinal Allignment

We're continuing our series on how posture affects health. In the last post, we talked about forward head posture i.e. "Text Neck." Small shifts forward can make your head weigh 60-80lbs. compared to the usual 15-20lbs. Today, we're going to continue the discussion of "Text Neck."

When your spine is optimally aligned, you will have a normal functioning nervous system.

The brain is able to communicate with the body and the body with the brain. However, throughout life there are stresses and strains that misalign the spine. These stresses can occur from infancy or lateral in life such as sports injuries, accidents etc. Now days, the most common stress is static loading: sitting behind a computer all day, texting, playing video games, being sedentary.

When your head moves too far forward, the front of the discs take up 100% of the load and begin to degenerate 300% faster. You may think that the back of the disks would be ok since they're not taking up any of the load but they get there nutrition from pressure and gradient changes from fluid. Since there won't be any pressure changes, the cartilage is unable to get the nutrients it needs and begins to break down. Now you have degenerative disc disease in the front and degenerative joint disease in the back.

As bad as the structural effects of forward head posture are, the amount of tension place upon the spinal cord is worse. When your head moves forward the spinal chord stretches approximately 2 inches. This tension begins to block the signal between the brain and body. So, whether decreased 1%, 5% or 15% there will be decreased nerve transmission through your body thus causing you to not function optimally.

When this first happens, there is never any pain involved. They only time you have pain is if you're involved in an accident. The rest of the time we have misalignment, we have no pain, we have abnormal function, and abnormal healing. We look good on the outside but are essentially rotting on the inside.

So if we don't have any symptoms, what do we do!?

We've been told that if we don't have symptoms we are doing well. Not true and in the next few posts, we'll further the discussion.

In the's your spine?

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