Stand Tall For Better Health: Part 3

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Your Journey to better health through posture.

To recap, we are looking at how posture affects your health. In the last post we learned what proper posture looks like. When looking from the back the spine should be straight, with the shoulders and hips level. From the sided, there are three smooth, flowing, curves. The ear is aligned over the shoulder, shoulder over the hips and hips slightly in front of the ankle.

Today, we are going to look at the head over the shoulder or forward head posture. The new buzz word for this is Text Neck. Having your head sitting in front of your shoulders is like tying a bowling ball to your head. Your head weighs roughly 10% of your body weight. As your head moves forward instead of weight 15-20lbs. it now weighs 60-80lbs! Can you imagine what carrying this amount of extra weight day in and day out does to your spine?

All of this extra stress and weight place upon your spine and nervous system can lead to disc herniation, headaches, numbness and tingling into the arms and hands. This can occur with forward head posture or if you are looking down at your phone, tablet, book or computer. How often do you do any of those activities?

The average person spends 2-4 hours a day JUST looking at their phone! This adds an extra 700-1400 hours of unneeded stress to your spine per year. If that were your tires on your car you would be changing them every year and a half.

Take a look at your own posture. Is your head aligned over your shoulders?

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