Stand Tall For Better Health: Part 2

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Posture. The Window to Your Spine

You can gather a lot of valuable information just by visual observation. Just by seeing a head that is jutting over the shoulders you can understand how a person may be dealing not only neck/upper back pain but also migraine headaches or numbness/tingling into the arms and hands. 

In order to truly appreciate how posture affects your health you must first understand what “good” posture is. Like stated before, your spine is made of 24 freely moveable vertebrae. Each vertebrae moves a little bit to give us our global range of motion. 

Perfectly straight.

Looking at the spine from the back, the spine should be vertical. There shouldn’t be any curves either to the left or to the right. When there are, this is what we call scoliosis.  The shoulders and hips should be level and the feet should have equal weight place upon them. 

Looking at the spine from the side, you should see three smooth, flowing, curves. A backwards “S” if you will. When you are in proper alignment, the ear should be aligned over the shoulder, shoulder over the hip and the hip slightly aligned in front of the ankle bone (or malleolus).

When you are properly aligned you have full range of motion and the spine and spinal nerves will be relaxed and able to function at full capacity.

Check your own posture or family member’s. What do you see? 

From the back: The spine should be straight. Shoulders and hips level.

From the side: The ear should be over the shoulders, shoulders over the hips and hips slight in front of the ankle.

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