Stand Tall For Better Health: Part 1

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On the surface the phrase “Stand Tall For Better Health” could be confusing.

What does it mean? Posture is more than how you look on the outside. Sure, we want to look good on the outside and have “good” posture. Who looks better? Someone “standing tall” or someone hunched over?

We are going to go beyond the surface. We’re going on a Journey of Health to see how Standing Tall can lead to better health.

Posture is the window to your spine.

By looking at posture, we can visualize how the spine is aligned and what potential areas are being affected. Your spinal cord and 33 pairs of spinal nerves control every organ, cell and tissue in your body. EVERYTHING.

Protecting the spinal cord are 24 vertebrae. When your spine is aligned and moving properly you are able to function optimally and have little to know degeneration to the discs. You can have an optimal spine well into your 80’s and 90’s.

However, when your spine is out of alignment; you don’t only have spinal degeneration but more importantly tension on the spinal cord and spinal nerves. This tension, or increased tone, to the nervous system leads to decreased information traveling to every cell, tissue and organ in your body, ultimately leading to decreased health.

Don’t believe me?

Just look at your average 80 year old. One has “good” posture the other is hunched over. Who is healthier?

Over the next several articles we are going to be looking at posture and it’s affect on health. I hope you enjoy reading the information as much as I enjoy writing it.

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